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A do-it-all Creative Director with over 20 years experience in bringing vision, ideas and execution expertise to concepts and brands.


I am a big thinker who doesn’t limit myself to “the ask” and instead looks for “the need”. I create strategy, ideas and designs that connect with consumers and inspire them into action. 


I have conceived work for clients both big and small to develop exciting campaign concepts while ensuring the brand voice is heard, from directing tv and video to designing print, social, OOH and everything in between, to bring it all to life. Even if that means slipping a pair of boxer briefs on the Wall Street Bull to demonstrate GoldToe’s innovative spirit.  


My creative strategy includes adapting methods and ideas to suit the audience and ensure the right message reaches the right people. I am skilled in navigating exploratory processes and directing creative teams to do the same, adapting to deliver more than what was expected. My fine eye to detail and exacting standards often makes me the “last stop” before any creative material releases. I pride myself on taking projects from start to finish, ensuring consistency throughout. My natural instinct for bringing detail, balance and impact to every project - combined with my diverse set of software skills and deep understanding of modern digital languages – positions me to make my ideas shine.


My experience spans many mediums as well as the scope of clients I have served. Shooting TV commercials for PSE&G/PSEG, Brother and various New Jersey State initiatives and producing creative for large consumer brands including Kraft Foods, Georgia Pacific, GoldToe, Gillette, Proactiv, JVC, General Mills, Domino’s Pizza, Olive Garden Restaurants, Purex Detergents and Perdue Chicken has afforded me the opportunity to experience marketing to a variety of target audiences.


I look forward to collaborating with creative people who share my enthusiasm for outside-the-box thinking and embrace a “whatever it takes” attitude while having some fun doing it. 


TS Creative Direction (self-employed), NY/NJ

Creative Director

Clients: PSEG Long Island, PSE&G NJ, Brother Printers, P-Touch, New Jersey State (multiple divisions), Dick’s Sporting Goods/Game Changer, New York Sports Club, Total Woman Gym & Spa, Shark/Ninja, DFIN Financial, Prosight Specialty Insurance, Anthony & Sylvan Pools, Manuka Doctor Honey, Market  Performance Group, Aqua Story Lab, Marketsmith Inc, iPredictus, Brushfire Inc, Topspin Group, Results Inc Advertising


Creative Director

Clients: Kraft Foods, GoldToe, Georgia Pacific, AT&T, Gillette,, JVC Electronics, Proactiv Skin Care, Purex Detergents, GE Money Bank, MasterCard, Inbev Brewery, Perdue Chicken, General Mills, State Farm Insurance,, Xerox, Meow Mix


Grey GlobalNY

Associate Creative Director

Clients: Olive Garden, Topps Trading Cards, Krups, Hasbro Toys, Kool Cigarettes, Dannon, Domino’s Pizza, Hess Oil, Panasonic


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Creative Director


Let's work together.

If you think my experience would make me a good fit for your agency, please contact me with an option below.
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